Apex International Meats

High quality Beef  Lamb Goat and Game

  Apex International Meats specialists in high quality Beef Lamb Goat and Game Meats offer a professional and reliable service for meat professionals looking for unique products quality and constancy

We are a team of experienced professionals from within the food and hospitality industry from Butchers to Chefs and Hunters we have built up years of trust with our suppliers farmers Ranchers and Abattoirs to produce  a range of products that comply with all EU regulations and necessary certification for our customers world-wide

Our customers come first – supplying the best product at the best price with an efficient and reliable service to meet your specific demands, complying with all the necessary legislation, health and Hygiene for your destination.

We Provide High Quality Choice Of Meat Since 2008

Switzerland and The Netherlands

         Apex International Meats distributors of high quality Bovine Ovine and Game meats in Switzerland and the Netherlands

Apex Beef

    British Breeds

British Breed Heifers with a high marble score and muscle structure all hand selected loins cut at 8/5/3 Rib suited for dry aging from 14 to 21 days depending on your customers taste and requirements.

Apex Aged Be​ef

  Selected Breeds

  European cow steers and young bulls hand selected loins and pistolas for their

l​ean ​muscle and fat cover 21 to 45 days aging suits this beef to achieve a perfect juicy tender steak.

Apex Lamb

  European Lambs

European classic breeds from large lambs know as Hogget's are hand selected for there muscle and fat structure  also suited for dry aging  from 14 to 21 days depending on your requirement

       Apex Goat

Selected Carcass

​Young castrated males from southern Europe 5/9kg 13/19kg and 20kg + carcasses and 6 cuts We can process down further into bone in or bone out primal cuts packed and label to your requirement.

 Apex Mutton

   Selected Breeds

Classic European Sheep breeds with carcass weights from 16/25kg and 25kg + available as 6 cuts or processed into primal cut bone in or out also can be aged up to 14 days depending on customers your taste.

Apex Game

Sustainable Game

Game from Namibia South African and Europe Ostrich Zebra Springbok Oryx Kudu Impala and European Wild Boar Wild Sheep and Venison mainly from the olive and acorn orchards of sunny Spain.

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